Selfish Altruism: Genetics and Market Societies

There is a dangerous church on campus.  The church, administered by some of our Professors, holds dogmas that are demonstrably fallacious. They say, in so many paraphrased words, that “the Market is a system capable of tearing civilization apart.  Had it not been for the intrusions of Government into that deleterious process of voluntary exchange […]

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

Most maintain the signing of treaties will persuade the minds of world leaders, and their peripheral machinery, against war. Others still, that the friendship Canada affords with its allies is sufficient for assurances of peace.  “Soft-Power,” they believe, will triumph.  These positions are dangerous and historically spurious. Of Treaties:  Any treaty written without a mass […]

Lest We Forget

France 1944:  Absent of rest and with minimal supplement, a young medic has been ferrying casualties from the front line for over 48hrs.  Stubborn and determined to minimize his losses to the reaper, he presses on.  Nearly losing control of the field ambulance from exhaustion and the winding roads of the French countryside, his partner […]